Announcing Codenvy Factory: Instant Development to Eliminate Desktop Administration

SAN FRANCISCO – September 22, 2013 – We created Codenvy to make development better. The cloud makes development faster and more reliable.

Developers use cloud IDEs to eliminate administrative headaches and gain flexibility.

We saw an opportunity to improve our own offerings. It took a new user 100 seconds to run a CloudFoundry HelloWorld with Codenvy. This was fast compared to the 2 hours required with Eclipse.

But even 100 seconds is too long. Projects should be instant. Asking developers to create an account, login, setup a project, and configure a workspace adds unnecessary overhead.

We can do better.

Introducing Codenvy Factory

Codenvy Factory enables instant, shared development without requiring authentication, project creation, or configuration. Try it now. Just click and code.

factory-angular factory-bootstrap factory-node factory-python factory-php factory-spring

Codenvy Factory enables developers to create temporary IDE workspaces with full code, build, test, deploy, and collaboration functionality.

A Factory is a URL that can be shared, placed on a Web site, or embedded in a GitHub page. Clicking a Factory creates a new, temporary workspace, pre-configured with the project encoded into the URL. The temporary workspace is fully functional and can be used to code, build, test, deploy, and collaborate. Work is saved within the temporary workspace, but if a user is idle or closes the browser, their work will be lost.


Work performed in a temporary workspace can be copied to an account. And, it is possible for anonymous users to create accounts from within the temporary workspace.

Users who are authenticated with Codenvy can also use Factories. You will still be placed into a temporary workspace, but we’ll identify you as a returning Codenvy user and make it simple to move the temporary workspace projects into your permanent workspace.

It’s easy to create a Factory of your own. Within Codenvy, you can create custom Factories, create an animated button to visually represent the Factory, and post directly to social media.


Codenvy Factories can also be created automatically without logging into Codenvy.  We have published a URL specification that allows 3rd parties to create Codenvy Factory references that will launch validated and functional workspaces automatically.

Factories can work with both public and private Codenvy projects. They also can work with public and private git repositories. We can perform a key or oAuth exchange with the git host to ensure proper access controls are maintained.

And in the future, we’ll be providing Factory policies, parameterized Factories, and Analytics-style reporting on Factory behavior. This will offer Factory publishers measurement and control over their Factories.

Factory Use Cases

Factories simplify many aspects of development.

1) Support. Having an issue? Create a Factory and send it to StackOverflow. Readers will get a replicated environment to see your behavior first hand.

2) Throw Away Workspaces. Need to experiment with a few lines of code to see behavior? Create a temporary workspace and avoid cluttering your primary workspace.

3) Separation of Duties. Are you working on a project where different subsystems are owned by different people? Back-end developers can create Factories with wired in integration to their systems for front-end developers to consume. Create templated environments for the QA and docs team. Or, have one API prepare an environment for API consumers.

4) Partner Ecosystem. Have an API you want partners to consume? Create a Factory for the API and make it easier for partners to evaluate and engage with your technology.

4) Simpler Onboarding. For developers who are knew to a product or code base, a Factory is a quicker way to get a developer exposed to the essential code, packaging, and execution of the application. Developers can promote themselves to a desktop configuration after comfortable with the environment.

Get Started With Factories

There are many resources available to make you productive immediately.

1) Use the many Factories that are on our new Web site and documentation center.
2) Create your own Factories.
3) Embed your Factories in other sites.

This is an exciting time for Codenvy. Let us know what you think and how you intend to use Factories! We’ll be watching for your tweets on @CodenvyHQ.

Tyler Jewell
Founder & CEO, Codenvy

Availability and Pricing
Codenvy Factory is available now for free.

About Codenvy
Codenvy is the “Code Better Instantly” company. Our cloud software enables applications to be developed faster and more reliably than desktop tools. Based on an extensible cloud IDE platform, our solutions include Codenvy Developer, Codenvy Enterprise, Codenvy ISV, and Codenvy Affiliate. With the largest ecosystem of partners, we are committed to improving efficiency by making cloud IDEs ubiquitous.

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