​Announcing Codenvy Affiliate: Profit From Codenvy’s Growth

Earn Up to 10% by Creating and Sharing Factories with Other Developers

SAN FRANCISCO – September 22, 2013 – Codenvy, the “Code Better Instantly” company, today announced Codenvy Affiliate, a program that rewards developers for sharing Factories with other developers.  Codenvy Factories provide an instant IDE with full code, build, debug, deploy and share capabilities.  Now publishers, API providers, SDK authors, bloggers and trainers can distribute Codenvy Factories to increase engagement with their users and profit from Codenvy’s growth.  The Codenvy Affiliate program is available now and easy to join.

“Codenvy Factories gives our users the ability to launch an IDE from anywhere,” said Luca Milanesio, CEO of GerritForge.  “We have 1000s of users that will need an instant IDE and the Codenvy Affiliate program gave us a way to earn income while supporting our customers.”

Codenvy Affiliate works by enabling 3rd parties to launch on-demand IDEs from anywhere on the Internet, fully customized to operate against their configuration.  Affiliates tag Codenvy Factories with an affiliate code, which registers that coding session with Codenvy.  If users create accounts and upgrade to premium solutions, then the Affiliate earns.  When Codenvy earns, the Affiliate earns.  Publishing fees, the operating agreement, and program participation requirements are available here.

Codenvy provides a robust set of linking tools and resources to help Affiliates get started.  Affiliates can make use of a variety of tracking hooks, encoded URLs, elegant graphical design layouts for links, and multiple styles to fit the appearance of any site.

“We believe every developer should have access to an instant IDE, tailored to the unique characteristics of each program, “ said Tyler Jewell, CEO of Codenvy.  “For the first time, this total flexibility exists and we wanted to provide a financial incentive for publishers to more rapidly expand cloud IDE adoption.”

Availability and Pricing

Codenvy Affiliate is now available for free.  Apply for your affiliate code and start publishing Factories now to earn.

About Codenvy

Codenvy is the “Code Better Instantly” company. Our cloud software enables applications to be developed faster and more reliably than desktop tools. Based on an extensible cloud IDE platform, our solutions include Codenvy Developer, Codenvy Enterprise, Codenvy ISV, and Codenvy Affiliate. With the largest ecosystem of partners, we are committed to improving efficiency by making cloud IDEs ubiquitous.

We have 40 employees with offices in San Francisco, Luxembourg, and the Ukraine. Codenvy has raised $9M financing from Toba Capital, Auriga Ventures, and angels. For more information, please visit us at Codenvy.com.